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The best plants for your office

It is not uncommon for a plant purchase to be made out of boredom, which two weeks later leads to another plant having to meet its end in a withered state on the windowsill. 

For those who want some refreshment in the office, but have a black thumb, let me tell you: you too can find the right plant for you. And with a little care, it will beautify your desk in the long run.

4 tips for concentrated work

"Concentration at work is the name of the game!" But unfortunately, we don't always succeed.

What means can we use to increase concentrated work?

How to be a good host

We recently showed you in our blog what makes working together in a coworking space successful. Now it’s time to focus on the providers of workspaces - whether they offer desk workstations, meeting rooms or offices. We'll give you tips on how to be the best version of a host.

Office-Sharing and Corona

The obligation to work from home has come to an end and people are returning to the office. But what about health protection in the office? Corona and the risk of infection have not disappeared. When it comes to office sharing, there are some concerns: What are the hygiene rules? No back to normal without trust! This is how you can reduce health risks.

Coworking: How do I behave in the workspace?

Coworking - the simultaneous work of different parties in the same space - is becoming increasingly popular and is a typical use case in office sharing. This applies to freelancers, startups and large companies alike. How do I behave properly when coworking, what should I avoid? A few tips to make working together pleasant and successful.

What is Office Sharing?

The office world has changed a lot in recent years and in times of Corona, concepts such as "working from home" and Office Sharing are becoming more and more popular. But what exactly is Office Sharing?

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