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Workation: Work and Travel in Harmony

Workation: work and travel in harmony 

Workation - the combination of work and holiday in inspiring locations - has become a major trend in the world of work. In this article, we take a closer look at the concept of workation and introduce you to flexible workspaces in the most beautiful locations throughout Germany, which you can book directly on ShareYourSpace. What advantages does this way of working offer, for which professional groups is a workation particularly suitable and how can this new work concept contribute to improving the work-life balance? 

What does workation mean? 

Workation is made up of the words 'work' and 'vacation'. It describes a working model in which people carry out their professional tasks from a holiday location. In essence, it is about utilising the flexibility of modern forms of work to shift work to inspiring environments that promote both relaxation and productivity. This way of working has become increasingly popular in recent years and offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers. 


Flexible workspaces throughout Germany on ShareYourSpace 

Our ShareYourSpace platform offers a variety of workspaces in different cities and regions across Germany that are ideal for workations. These workspaces range from modern coworking spaces in urban centres to idyllic, creative offices in more rural areas and stylish villas with spacious meeting rooms for the entire team. Each location is equipped with modern technology and offers a pleasant working atmosphere that promotes productivity and creativity. 

Workspace tips for a successful workation 

A successful workation often starts with a well-designed and varied working environment, true to the motto: work where others go on holiday. Here are five unique workspaces that are ideal for a workation and offer you many advantages, whether as an individual or as a whole team.  

1. Boutique CoWorking Schlei  

The coworking space is idyllically located near the coast in the north of Germany and offers an ideal environment for productive work. Height-adjustable desks in a cosy atmosphere, small workspaces and an inspiring garden are available. Rooms can be booked on site for longer stays. The business is run by a family company with four years of experience in nomadic living and extensive knowledge of the property sector. The coworking space attracts self-employed people from the region and beyond who appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful fjord landscape of Schleswig-Holstein and use it for their work. 

Click here for the CoWorking Schlei workspace: https://www.shareyourspace.com/en/offers/2958 



2. Design office in the middle of nature 

Away from the hustle and bustle of Munich, the workspace is located in Oberhaching, idyllically close to Grünwalder Forst. This quiet location close to nature offers an excellent opportunity for inspiring work. The office units are equipped with high-quality furniture and have a fibre optic connection for fast internet. The friendly and colourful team already working in the workspace consists of various companies active in the fields of design, architecture and import and export. This environment not only offers a productive working environment, but also the opportunity to recharge your batteries surrounded by nature and enjoy the tranquillity of the Grünwald forest. 

Click here for the design office in Oberhaching: https://www.shareyourspace.com/en/offers/4197 


3. Unique coworking location in Hamburg 

The former waterworks from 1910 offers a unique coworking location in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Here, innovation and sustainability meet in an open, loft-like architecture. High-quality conference rooms, communicative lounge areas and entertaining barbecue evenings promote dialogue and creativity for a working environment that brings people and companies together and enables sustainable cooperation. Whether designers, programmers or start-ups - the focus is on the right atmosphere. Centrally located and easily accessible by public transport, this location offers ideal conditions for productive work and an inspiring workation. 

Click here for the coworking location in Hamburg: https://www.shareyourspace.com/en/offers/2358 



4. Villa Søglas on Lake Tegernsee 

Villa Søglas welcomes you to the beautiful Tegernsee in Bavaria! This stylish location offers the ideal setting for a workation with the whole team. The villa is ideal for meetings, conferences, photo shoots, workshops and private events. The 50 m² Studio SØ offers the perfect environment for meetings and discussions. It can be divided into two areas of 25 m² each and can be customised with modular furniture. The large window front creates an inspiring atmosphere with plenty of natural light and a marvellous view of the lake. Villa Søglas also offers catering options and special activities such as yoga, sound baths and breathwork can be booked to make the workation even more enriching. 

Click here to go to Villa Søglas on Lake Tegernsee: https://www.shareyourspace.com/en/offers/3772



5. Villa Breitenberg in the Bavarian Forest 

Villa Breitenberg is located in the middle of the picturesque Bavarian Forest and on the border with Austria and is the perfect place for your next workation with the whole team or as a unique location for teambuilding events. Surrounded by nature, the villa offers an inspiring backdrop for productive meetings and creative workshops. Rent the entire house exclusively for your team and enjoy state-of-the-art technology in every room as well as first-class catering. The tranquil surroundings promote team spirit and creativity, ideal for brainstorming sessions and relaxing breaks from the office routine.  

Click here to go to Villa Breitenberg: https://www.shareyourspace.com/en/offers/4043 



ShareYourSpace offers a wide range of workspaces to suit individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the dynamism of the city or are looking for the tranquillity of nature, there is always a suitable location. All workspaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as high-speed internet, printers, scanners and conference rooms, so that all professional requirements can be easily met. In addition, the coworking spaces offer networking opportunities that allow workers to socialise with other professionals and build valuable professional networks. Workspaces can be booked flexibly, which is particularly advantageous for spontaneous travelling and short-term project requirements. 

Advantages of a workation 

A workation offers numerous advantages for both employees and employers: 


  1. Increased productivity: a change of working environment can open up new perspectives and boost creativity. Many people find new motivation and increase their productivity in inspiring environments. 

  1. Health benefits: Exercise and spending time in nature can have a positive effect on physical and mental health. Activities such as hiking, swimming or simply spending time outdoors promote well-being and reduce stress.  

  1. Work-life balance: Workations enable a better work-life balance. By spending time in an attractive location, you can relax after work and enjoy the surroundings, which leads to a better work-life balance 

  1. Stress reduction: A change of scenery and spending time in a pleasant environment can contribute significantly to stress reduction. This leads to an improvement in mental health and well-being 

  1. Attracting and retaining talent: Companies that support workations can position themselves as attractive employers. This can help to attract highly qualified talent and strengthen employee retention 

  1. Reducing the ecological footprint: A workation in Germany can reduce the ecological footprint, as new regions can be conveniently explored by train, air travel can be avoided and energy consumption in shared workspaces can be distributed among several people. This can lead to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of working.  

  1. Supporting local communities: Working in different regions can support local communities and the local economy. The use of local accommodation, restaurants and other services promotes regional development. 


Who is a Workation suitable for? 

A workation is particularly suitable for freelancers, the self-employed and employees with a high degree of remote working options, provided this has been agreed with the employer. These groups often have the greatest flexibility in their choice of workplace and can fully utilise the benefits of a Workation. This freedom enables them to work in different environments and increase their productivity and creativity.  

Entrepreneurs and managers find a workation an excellent opportunity to carry out strategic planning in an inspiring environment and to develop new ideas. The change of scenery can help to gain new perspectives and find innovative solutions to business challenges.  

In addition, a workation is ideal for teams and project groups who want to work on joint projects and engage in team building at the same time. A change of location can significantly boost team collaboration and creativity. In a new and inspiring environment, team members can grow closer together and improve the dynamics of teamwork. Shared experiences and working in a different context strengthen team spirit and increase motivation. A workation therefore offers a valuable opportunity to sustainably improve team performance and the quality of collaboration. 


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