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Strong Partnership: ShareYourSpace + ImmoScout24

Mission Boosting Flexibility + Sustainability in the Office World!


• The office world is not flexible and needs FlexOffice.

• The real estate world needs more sustainability.

• Coworking and sharing are the solution.


ShareYourSpace and ImmoScout24, Germany’s No. 1 with 19 million monthly users, are strengthening FlexOffice, coworking, workspace sharing, and sustainability.



Your Benefits


• Maximum reach, nationwide offering

• Offer, search, rent, lease, pay: digital, simple, secure

• Find your exact workspace: location, size, price, equipment, time. On demand.

• Lease and profit through better occupancy.

• Free “comprehensive insurance” for tenants and landlords

• Offices close to employees are a trump card in the war for talent for employers

• Preferred terms and personal support




And Sustainability? Significantly Improved Through Sharing!


• Better utilisation of existing space means less new construction. The most sustainable building is the one that isn’t built.

• More workspace proximity means less traffic. The best commute is a short one.


Be part of something big.

Be smart. Be sustainable. ShareYourSpace!




Unused Space? List it Now!


Vacancy? Space reserves? Office not continuously occupied, e.g., due to part-time, home office, absences? Meeting rooms or desks not constantly occupied? Offer free spaces - whether for 1 hour, individual weekdays, months, or even longer-term - with us and earn money through renting. Maximally flexible.


You also contribute to preventing land sealing, traffic congestion, and climate change. Join in and become a sustainability hero.


Make money and save the world!




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