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The office as a sustainable space

Ideas for a sustainable office

What does 4G have to do with the 'green office'?

Whether in newspapers, social networks or on the street, sustainability is here to stay. Numerous companies source and sell sustainable products, influencers give tips for homemade laundry detergent and the zero-waste lifestyle, sustainable building materials and energy concepts are becoming more relevant in new construction projects. 

The fact is: an environmentally conscious lifestyle is no longer lived exclusively within one's own four walls. Despite home office options, many structures have been retained and the office remains the daily routine for many employers and employees. This is where we spend the majority of the day, with a weekly working time of around 35 hours. 

What options are there to make the office a green place for everyone as well?
Back to 4G - The acronym stands for four green components. 

1. Green technology 
Whether it's a PC, a lamp or a fan, when buying technical products for the office, the main thing to look for is environmentally friendly materials that work efficiently and ensure longevity so that resources can be saved in the long run. Meanwhile, various Internet portals offer recycled equipment in tested, good condition that will function perfectly for many more years. In view of the energy crisis, Economics Minister Robert Habeck pleaded in favor of screen savers: an outdated, yet efficient method of saving avoidable emissions. 

Why have four printers in four offices at the same location when one network printer can be used by everyone in an energy-saving way? Many devices are also predominantly in standby mode, where it is better to simply unplug them. 

2. Green equipment
The material of furniture, eco-friendly chairs, desks and refillable pens. There are numerous ways to consider sustainability when furnishing the office. 

Sustainable materials used to make furniture include recycled fishing nets or bamboo, which is very sturdy and grows back tremendously fast as a resource. Cork, which is peeled from the cork oak tree and thus does not harm it, is also a recyclable and environmentally friendly option. 

Should employers provide beverages to their employees, glass bottles are more resource-friendly, as are cotton towels instead of paper towels or air dryers. When purchasing fruit, make sure to buy regionally to reduce transportation distances. 

3. Green building
Even the office building can be built and designed sustainably. Sustainable building materials conserve future resources, while efficient energy supply and insulation reduce energy consumption. Some buildings are even certified 'Green Buildings', promoting sustainability in every way. 

But the design and layout of spaces and furniture can also be effective, for example by taking advantage of the sun as a natural source of light and heat. 

4. Green behavior
Without the commitment of office workers, even network printers won't help. The decisive factor is the action through which sustainability is practiced. 

This includes cutting down on unnecessary printing, avoiding open windows when heating, using bicycles and public transportation to reach the office, or prepared 'meal prep' food instead of fast food. Waste separation is also a significant factor, causing recyclables to be recycled rather than burned in residual waste. Employers can contribute by labeling trash cans appropriately and explaining proper waste separation. 

Since the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated trend toward home offices, many workplaces are not staffed on a daily basis. Thus, multiple employees can share a space, including equipment, to save resources on technical equipment and furniture. This is made easy by the flexible rental and leasing of desk space, offices and meeting rooms. 

ShareYourSpace already offers flexible workspaces in numerous cities that conserve resources, are efficient and contribute to the sustainable turnaround. 
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