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How to be a good host

Be transparent!

Your new guest - the tenant of your workspace - does not have complete transparency about what the costs of your workspace will be? Or are there unpleasant surprises on site because essentials have been left out in your workspace and service description (e.g. noise due to renovation)? That is a very big no-go. Openness and transparency are among the most important characteristics of a good host. If you leave out important information such as any additional costs or usage restrictions, for example, your tenant will feel deceived. In the worst case, there will be an argument, at least a loss of trust. This can also have a negative effect on your space offer, because the disappointed person will not keep the bad experience to himself. Your information on workspace and conditions should therefore be complete and truthful. Please also point out special features. Of course, as a tenant you would also expect full transparency from a provider.

Be up to date!

Availability and equipment information should not be out of date. Keep this information up to date. Has a desk workstation been occupied elsewhere in the meantime in the period originally offered? Can you now book more office rooms? This is of course important for the workspace seeker. Did your offer include, for example, a foosball table in your space, but it is no longer there today? Then please take it out of the description. Has the office space been redesigned? Upload new pictures. This saves all the explanations later. You have the best chance of renting a space with an up to date offer.

Be responsive!

Do you not reply to booking inquiries in a timely manner? This means you risk losing bookings and ultimately money, as interested parties then orientate themselves elsewhere, especially when it comes to short-term schedules. The interested party understandably needs solutions and planning security. The best example: the request for a meeting room or a coworking desk in a few days. Boosting Flexibility - part of our common mission - requires speed and effectiveness. So be alert and answer every booking request as soon as possible.

Communication is the key!

Get in touch with your new tenant, say welcome, preferably right at the start. The tenant is in a new environment and would certainly be happy about a little office tour. Show your guest where the most important things can be found and also point out special features and rules of the space. Let your guest know who they can turn to if they have any questions or problems. Also say in what condition you expect the space to be left in.

Get connected!

This is especially true for coworking. After all, coworking aims for people to learn from each other and in the best case even to find starting points for productive cooperation - be it for a project or beyond. A great, inspiring community is motivating and benefits your business. So: Be active, communicative, make contact with your guest and exchange ideas. Be open as you would like someone to be speaking to you.

Be pleasant!

This not only applies to your tenant, but also to the landlord, you! See yourself as a wonderful host, not just as a landlord. And see your tenant as a valued guest accordingly. If you make a really good impression, there is also a greater likelihood that the tenant will book the space again and recommend you and your space. This includes, for example, punctuality when handing over the workspace, tidy, clean areas as well as respect and mindfulness. Feel responsible for your tenant. Not only the technical equipment, but also the reception of the guest and the personal encounters on site play a role for your new guest to feel welcome.

Pay attention to hygiene!

Especially in times of Corona, but also beyond, it is important that you, as the person responsible for the workspace, ensures hygiene and compliance with the applicable regulations. If you want to be on the safe side, then book the staysafe label especially developed by us with TÜV SÜD. Tenants and guests are looking for reliable hygiene standards in order to feel safe the next time they make a booking - be it a desk, office or meeting room. The Staysafe label distinguishes the spaces in which a corresponding hygiene concept is implemented and the health of the visitors is given special consideration. Your advantages are

  • Upgrading your space offer
  • Easier acquisition of tenants
  • Demonstration of responsibility
  • Strong marketing message - for your tenants, guests, employees, stakeholders
  • Expertise from TÜV SÜD, a global company for quality, safety, sustainability

Last but not least: be fair!

If the guest returns the area to you as it was before, make sure that he gets his deposit back, if one has been paid. If there are problems, try to find an accommodating solution. Be tolerant too - tolerance is the basis of all cooperation.

Makes sense? If you take these tips into account, you will meet all the characteristics of a great host and your tenants will look forward to a pleasant stay. You are not yet represented with your space on our digital marketplace? Then the time is now! Take part in moving the greatest sustainability lever in the real estate world. Have a look around: are all rooms, desks, meeting areas, conference rooms permanently occupied? No? E.g. due to vacancy, part-time work, out-of-office days, too much space or simply because temporarily not needed? Then offer your space on ShareYourSpace. And also earn money. We are happy to help you. Just contact us at spaceguide@shareyourspace.com.