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Checklist for the creation of an advertisement

Checklist for the creation of an advertisement

Do you have office space that you would like to rent out via our platform? In this checklist you will find helpful tips for creating your advertisement. Our space guides will personally assist you with this. 

We present your office, meeting room or coworking space attractively on our platform so that you can profit from bookings.


1. Find a meaningful title for your workspace

An individual title gives your workspace a character. Is the office particularly green? The coworking space particularly central? The meeting room particularly modern? Large? Bright? Colorful? Don't be afraid to highlight these features in the title. 

Potential tenants will be able to decide in favor of your workspace much faster if they can already find their desired ideas in the title. 

QuickCheck: Is it clear in the title what I offer? Is there a feature I want to highlight?


2. Add a detailed, but not lengthy, description.

Time, as we all know, is limited and many don't want to waste it reading long descriptions that could be made shorter. Workspaces are often compared within short time spans, with certain characteristics being key.

Give your workspace a character and feel free to be creative with the description. However, keep in mind to provide valid information to tell the reader the most important info at first glance.

QuickCheck: Are all important features included in the description? Is the description clear and concise? Are there features that make the workspace unique?

3. Specify a contact person

Very important when creating your listing is to provide a contact person who can be reached.
In case of a booking, you will receive a booking request from us. If this is not confirmed, we will reach out to the contact person to ensure a successful booking.

This way we increase the satisfaction of our tenants, who often need a quick response due to flexible and spontaneous bookings. 

QuickCheck: Is the contact person always available? Is the number provided up to date? 


4. Upload good photos of your workspace

Photos of your office, coworking space or meeting room are essential for a listing. The first thing potential tenants come across in their search is a visual impression of your workspace. Within seconds, the person decides whether to have a look at your listing. Photos are crucial for this. 

Change of perspective is important! Your workspace has more to offer than just one view. Show different corners, spaces and angles. The better potential tenants get to know your workspace, the more likely they are to identify with it. 

When taking photos, be sure to choose a time of day with plenty of light and a good camera. You decide whether people should be seen with their consent or whether only the workspace should be shown. 


Pro-Tipp: Recreate a coworking environment in a photo. Place tech devices, notepads, drinks, and charging accessories in your workspace. Decorate the space with plants, dried flowers, or keynotes as you see fit. 


5. Set price ranges    

Workspace prices vary and depend on location, size , amenities and services, among other factors. Generally, you are free to set your prices. However, it is recommended to search for similar workspaces on our platform and to orientate yourself on already existing offers. 

The big advantage on ShareYourSpace? You can rent out your workspace by the hour, day or month and vary the price ranges accordingly. For example, tenants who book regularly can benefit from a monthly discount, setting you apart from other providers. 

QuickCheck: Are your prices realistic? Would you book this workspace for this price? Do your price ranges offer attractive benefits?


6. Indicate in which period your workspace is available

Workspace providers should have one advantage above all others: Flexible subletting of their vacant space. 

Do you use your office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but otherwise it is empty? You're not on site on weekends and can't take bookings? No problem. 

When you create your listing, you can choose the time period, days of the week, and hours you want your workspace to be available. Whether 24/7 access or 9-to-5-day: you are flexible in defining the time period. 

QuickCheck: Do you want to limit available time periods? Is access to the workspace possible at the specified times? 


In a Nutshell:

1. Find a meaningful title for your workspace.
2. Add a detailed, but not too elaborate, description of your workspace
3. Add a contact person
4.Upload good photos of your workspace
5. Set price ranges
6. Specify the time period in which your workspace is available

You have gone through the checklist and followed all the tips? Then nothing should stand in the way of activating your listing and you will soon be able to accept bookings for your workspace.
Become a Space Hero!

Here you can find more frequently asked questions about subletting workspaces on our platform. 
Alternatively, you can contact our space guides directly at spaceguide@shareyourspace.com.