Boosting Flexibility + Sustainability In The Office World

Our Values

Real (estate) sustainability

Our service aims to make one of the largest industries more sustainable. The protection of the environment is part of everyone's social responsibility. Our fundamental motivation is to help the planet, and we want to achieve this together with you.

Valued customers

We dedicate ourself to the interests of our customers and are fully committed to their success. Your success is our success. We strive for partnership and invest in lasting business relationships.

Digital is not just another buzzword

Digitalisation in the real estate industry is only just beginning, but the potential is immense. The game is rapidly changing. As a pioneer, we are setting standards for digitalisation in the real estate world. We are changing the market with on-demand office space.

Our Story

Modern working solutions versus traditional office culture

In a continually changing world, an ever-decreasing number of people and companies are willing and able to enter into a long-term office commitment. The demand for flexible office space is immense. However, the office market is rigid due to long-term, complex rental contracts. Companies, organisations and businesses change in size, yet office space cannot keep up with the fluctuations. Even at the time of rental, office space is rarely "made to measure", or able to fluctuate during the rental contract. What is needed is a comprehensive, cost-efficient supply of space that is flexible in terms of both time and space. Neither new buildings nor the few expensive coworking locations can achieve this, let alone sustainably.

The global perspective

Supplying the working world with sufficient and suitable office space is a constant challenge. Unfortunately, it will only become more challenging as the world population is set to grow by 2.5 billion over the next 30 years. Buildings are already responsible for 40% of world energy consumption. Urbanisation, traffic congestion and climate change are among the most significant problems of our time. Real estate is valuable and accounts for over 50% of global wealth. Office space can boost productivity but also drive costs.


Supply, function, profitability and sustainability – central issues that ShareYourSpace tackles! We are at the forefront of reinventing the “sharing” economy with a strong emphasis on technology. To solve these challenges, we must make already existing office space (whether owned or rented) available and use it to full capacity. Offices, desks, and meeting rooms are usually not occupied 24/7 but remain, on average, unused up to 50% of the time. Due to vacancies, part-time work, out-off-office days, and simply too much space, there is an abundant supply of office space that is ready to be used.

In Germany alone, there are over 500 million square metres of office space that is not permanently used. ShareYourSpace is the platform for everyone who wants to offer or book temporary office space. Whether you need a single desk, an office room, or an entire floor, we can help you find the right office space regardless of the size, location or equipment requirements. Book for an hour, a day, or even months. For start-ups, companies in transition, project teams, or lone wolfs. ShareYourSpace can also help you make better use of your underutilised office space in a sustainable and profitable way by advertising it on our platform. No matter if you are an owner or tenant, asset manager, administrator, hotelier or an individual. Sharing brings flexibility into the office world and removes the biggest obstacle to genuine sustainability in the real estate industry. ShareYourSpace is SustainAbility.

The Trend of Sharing

The concept of "sharing" also represents a change in our culture and values. By sharing office space, the focus shifts away from ownership. It allows everyone to benefit from the resources that we already have, thereby creating more sustainable and social conditions for the working world. Of course, sharing in itself is not an innovation – it has always been an integral part of everyday life. It is the essence of neighbourhood support, car-sharing schemes, public libraries, religious teachings, and an undeniably nice human trait.

Today, the Sharing Economy stands for a more conscious, resource-saving pattern of demand: the collaborative, temporary consumption of resources (collaborative consumption). The web platform ShareYourSpace makes this possible in the office property market by connecting office space owners with office space seekers and providing an easy way to present and search for office space. Through the simplification of inquiry, booking, and payment processes, it has never been easier to find and offer underutilised office space.

The result is an enormous reduction in the expense of sharing office space and often a reduction in the cost of using the space itself. Translated into the real estate industry, this means better utilisation of space and more efficient use of resources. This will ultimately require less new office properties to be built, which is good for the planet and saves money. Additionally, sharing office space allows individuals to share more than just space. By sharing resources and ideas, interacting with others, and networking, business becomes a social activity that benefits all those involved. Last but not least, the economic argument is convincing for all involved: save money and make money!

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Dr. phil. Dipl.-Kfm. Tobias Wagner, CEO

Betriebswirtschaftsstudium an der WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, in Frankreich und den U.S.A., Promotion in Psychologie an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. Leitende Positionen bei namhaften Technologie- und Immobilienunternehmen, Vorstandsvorsitzender NEMETSCHEK-Gruppe, diverse Aufsichtsratsmandate und einer der Köpfe von AIS Management. Baute u.a. Projektentwickler, Asset Manager, Beratungen und Startups auf. Mehrfachgründer, Unternehmer, über 25 Jahre Expertise in den Real-Estate-Industrien und Experte bei den Themen Software, Web, Digital. Motto: Nothing less than perfection!.

Dipl.-Ing. MBA Christian Ehl, CTO

Studium an der University of Georgia und der Wake Forrest University, USA, Elektrotechnik an der TU München. Intel, Vorstand Virtual Identity, Gründungsmitglied Brainloop, Geschäftsführer Allplan Bimplus, Managing Partner Hillert NEXT. Zahlreiche Digitalprojekte für namhafte Großkonzerne und Techunternehmen. Internet Entrepreneur, Investor und Thought Leader bei mehreren Tech Ventures und Startups, Experte für Artificial Intelligence. Motto: Create solutions people love!