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What is Office Sharing?

What is Office Sharing?

Office Sharing means that you or your team share offices, desks or conference rooms with others. A workspace can either be used at different times (exclusive use by you for a time slot) or in such a way that you work with other people in a workspace at the same time, if desired or necessary also together (coworking). The sharing principle has already established itself in other areas, including mobility. Nowadays, cars, bikes and e-scooters are “shared” with others in cities. Probably the best-known provider in the sharing economy is Airbnb, who flexibly rents out accommodation for holidays and other trips. Office Sharing benefits everyone involved by enabling flexibility (in terms of both time and space) and reducing costs. In addition, the sharing principle promotes sustainability because existing offices are used and unnecessary new construction can be prevented. Why unnecessary? Offices, workplaces, conference and meeting rooms are usually not occupied 24/7, but on average remain unused up to 70% of the time, for example due to vacancies, part-time work, Out-of-Office days or too much space. Nobody needs a desk or meeting room around the clock. New office buildings require important, limited resources. The most sustainable building is the one that no longer needs to be built. All in all, Office Sharing means that office space is fully utilized, resources are saved and the environment is protected.

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