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8 Questions for KUDO

Our ShareYourSpace team visited KUDO, a unique creative space in Munich, in person. We took the opportunity to ask a few interesting questions to the lovely KUDO team to get an insight into the special features of this extraordinary location, which not only offers space but also inspiration for unforgettable events.


1. How was the idea of KUDO born, and how long has KUDO been around?

As a consulting firm, we had long wanted to design our own workshop space of our dreams and by chance we came across a property in Munich's Schwabing district; on viewing it, we knew that this was where we would design our KUDO. When planning the rooms, great importance was attached to a simple and elegant design, as well as to the versatility of the possible uses. At the end of 2020, we (the hxi) began transforming the former Frisian tearoom into our current KUDO. We renovated it with a lot of love and attention to detail into the creative space of our dreams. In May 2021, we were able to open our KUDO and thus the doors for our dear guests.


2.  How did KUDO come to ShareYourSpace?

Sophie, one of our Spaceguides from ShareYouSpace, contacted us to initiate a cooperation and book KUDO herself. Through a great exchange, both the cooperation with each other and a great KUDO day for the ShareYourSpace team came about.


3. Is there a motto or philosophy that guides KUDO and your team?

KUDO should bring together great people from different areas and professions. KUDO means praise, honour and recognition. To give all of this a space, we have combined a cozy atmosphere with a productive one. KUDO stands for personal events with a cosy factor in the heart of Munich.


4. What are the most special features of KUDO?

Our KUDO is characterized by three outstanding features:
Our customer service: we are known for our attentive and personalized service. Our team is always eager to respond to customer requests and is happy to go the extra mile to create something special for every event. 

Versatile room design: We have equipped the KUDO with great care to ensure flexibility of use. With whiteboards, flipcharts, workshop utensils such as pens and post-its and a projector with sound system, our rooms are ideal for workshops and meetings. The flexible furnishings can be easily rearranged to create sufficient space for events or small celebrations. Our coffee bar with a high-quality portafilter machine has created a cosy atmosphere that invites you to linger.

Architecture: A characteristic element of our rooms is the large mirror in the entrance area, which immediately catches the eye. This design element creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that immediately welcomes guests.

5. What types of companies or people can be found at KUDO?

Everyone is welcome at KUDO, whether they are CEOs of large companies, artists or private individuals. KUDO welcomes everyone.


6. What amenities or services does KUDO offer to meet customers' needs?
The KUDO team tries to respond to many customer wishes by offering a flexible room design with variable furniture and ensuring customized, customer-oriented support. This personal and adaptable service concept ensures that every guest feels at home with us.


7. Is there a special event or success story that has taken place at KUDO?
Many success stories have been written at KUDO: A budding star chef has cooked a sophisticated 9-course meal with us, numerous workshops have been held with us, entrepreneurs have designed the elaboration of their business ideas, and we have helped a young start-up get off the ground. These examples show just how versatile KUDO is. Our location stands for diversity and many success stories that started here.


8. Is there anything else you would like to share?
Every last Thursday of the month, we organize a cultural salon at KUDO. These evenings are filled with film screenings, lively discussions, book readings or live music from talented singers. It is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the arts, experience culture in a variety of forms, and have inspiring conversations with other culture enthusiasts. 


The words of KUDO bring to life the unique atmosphere and sense of community that this place offers. The ShareYourSpace team would like to thank you for the exciting interview and for this unforgettable day in your beautiful creative space, KUDO. 


Your next event at the stylish creative space KUDO in Munich?

Discover this unique location in Munich for your needs! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Spaceguides directly at spaceguide@shareyourspace.com.