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4 tips for concentrated work

"Concentration at work is the name of the game!" But unfortunately, we don't always succeed.

In times of home offices, long meetings and dreary April days, motivation sometimes seems to wane, and with it, concentration drops. How can we take care of ourselves and increase concentration?
Here come 4 tips for concentrated work.

1. Avoid distractions

It's hard to imagine working life without the Internet. Nevertheless, numerous online activities distract us. How do we set the right focus?

-Switch off irrelevant pop-up and push notifications. Whether on mobile, laptop or tablet
-Close unnecessary tabs. By the time the right page pops up in the sea of tabs, the task has already been forgotten
-Put media out of reach that aren't needed at the moment. The cell phone is only too happy to invite a "quick" check in

"Mindfulness means dwelling wholly on what we are doing without allowing ourselves to be distracted." ~Dalai Lama

2. Keeping order

The interesting layer of dust from the family photo on the desk, the pen with a twist mechanism, or the empty doodle pad: many items on the desk invite distraction. How do we keep relevant tasks in view and things in their place?

-Give notebooks, pens and other things a fixed place. They should only leave this place if they are needed for work.
-Implement a clean-up routine at the end of the workday and return to the tidy desk the next morning.
-Plants liven up the workplace and are boring enough not to be a distraction. Plus, fresh oxygen for the brain cells!

3. Create atmosphere

The better the job, the better the life? It's not that simple. Ideas rarely sprout in a bunker or dark office with a broken lamp. The atmosphere has to be right. How do we create the right working atmosphere for us?

-Light, cool light helps with concentrated work, but becomes exhausting in the long run.
-Warm, dimmed light stimulates creativity, but makes you tired in the long run. 
-A varied mix is ideal
-Do you prefer teamwork with social exchange in a coworking office or concentrated quiet in an individual office? Needs are individual and must be communicated.

4. Take breaks

Decline in performance, overtiredness and excessive demands arise when body and mind do not get enough rest. On average, people cannot work with concentration for more than 90 minutes at a time. How do we take care of enough breaks?

 -Set a rule: e.g. a break of 10 minutes every 60 minutes.
-Don't spend breaks at your desk, but eat something, drink something, or go out into the fresh air.
-Put the cell phone away to avoid additional focus on the screen.

Concentrated work can be learned and does not always work at the push of a button. Have fun trying out these tips!