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Frequently asked questions and our answers

The most common questions and our answers

Do you own an office space, workstations or alternative workspaces that you would like to rent out flexibly on ShareYourSpace? You don't know how to become a workspace provider and have open questions?

We answer the most common and relevant questions that are interesting for providers on our platform.

1. What office spaces can I rent through ShareYourSpace?

The offer on ShareYourSpace is diverse. Thus, there is a wide range of workspaces that you can sublet on ShareYourSpace. These include individual desks in coworking spaces and cafes, single offices, lockable offices, offices with 24/7 access, meeting rooms and even entire office floors. 

2. How can I set up a workspace?

To be able to post your meeting space, office or free desk with us, you first need to register on ShareYourSpace. You can do this easily via the homepage. Afterwards you can create a new offer in your profile, which has to be activated by our spaceguides. To do this, you need to upload photos of your workspace and add all the necessary information, such as person capacity, price and equipment.

3. Do I have to take the photos for my workspace listing myself?

Workspace Fotografie


No. If you need assistance in taking pictures of your workspace or do not have the time to do so, our Spaceguides are available to assist you personally. Please refer to the Spaceguide Checklist(link) for all services available to you as a provider at no charge.




4. What if my office is unfurnished?

Although most tenants prefer furnished offices, there are some who would like to bring their own specific office furniture. Therefore, unfurnished offices are also welcome on our platform and give the potential tenant more leeway.

5. How much does it cost me to advertise a workspace?

Posting a workspace on ShareYourSpace is basically free of charge for you. In case of a successful booking we retain 15% of the booking amount plus VAT as transaction fee.

6. How does the booking process work?

After a user has become aware of your workspace, he sends a booking request to you. You can confirm or reject this directly. If there is no response from your side, our spaceguides will contact you to encourage the booking process. After confirming a booking request, you will receive a confirmation email with all booking details.

7.  How do I receive my money?

To make the payment process as convenient as possible for you, we use our service provider MangoPay for the payment process. After successful booking by the user, we receive the amount and finally transfer your share of the booking amount to your account as well as an invoice to you.

8. What happens if a user leaves damage to my workspace?

You are automatically covered by ShareYourSpace and our partner AXA Insurance for every booking. Profi-Schutz property and liability insurance covers you for theft as well as damage and loss of keys, so you can sublet your workspace worry-free.

9. Do I always have to be on site?

Booking processes run more smoothly when the provider welcomes the user and a short briefing takes place. Many providers would like to sublet their workspace without being present all the time and having to take care of handing over the keys, cleaning, etc. If you are one of them, our workspace subletters will be happy to help you. If you are one of them, our partners who offer individual Facility Management(Link) for your needs can support you.

10. How do users become aware of my workspaces?

ShareYourSpace takes care of the marketing of your office space to showcase your workspace in an ideal way. In addition to the search bar, which allows users to search and filter workspaces, we present new or particularly popular workspaces on our website to generate more attention for your offer. You can also use our Instagram account, where we regularly publish interesting offers to fill your workspace with enthusiastic users.