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Coworking: How do I behave in the workspace?

Coworking: How do I behave in the workspace?

Get connected!

Coworking aims to learn from each other and in the best case even to find starting points for a productive cooperation - be it on a project or beyond. A good, inspiring community is motivating and benefits your business. So: Be an active member of the community. Be communicative, make contacts with the other coworkers and exchange ideas. Conversely, be open when spoken to.

Be tolerant!

Every cooperation requires compromises and tolerance. So if you expect absolute peace and quiet and a "library atmosphere", a coworking space is probably not your ideal place to work. Why don't you just join the conversation?

Ask the "carer"!

Coworking spaces need rules so that people can work together. In addition, there are often services on demand. Let them explain to you. By whom? In a coworking space, there is usually someone on-site for the organization of the space, who helps with onboarding and explains house rules and special features of the space. Ask about the dos and don'ts and the offers on site and in the neighborhood. Your host will also be happy to help you if you have any problems. There are no dumb questions.

Be nice!

It actually goes without saying: Respect, trust, mindfulness, fairness are the best basis for good, successful cooperation. This applies to others and of course to you too. For example, don't make phone calls at a volume that makes it impossible for your neighbor to work effectively. Another example: Don't use anything that doesn't belong to you without asking first. The simplest rule is always the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Clean up your mess!

You should not only pay attention to your own workplace, but also to the communal areas, especially the many coworking spaces with their own community kitchen. The golden rule also applies here. For example, do not put your dirty dishes down, but put them in the dishwasher. What is in the refrigerator is not intended for the general public unless it is labeled accordingly.

Stay safe!

Pay attention to the hygiene rules, also and especially in Corona times. Protect yourself and the other coworkers. Observe the relevant on-site regulations and ask the "caretaker" if you want to know what needs to be observed in particular. If you want to be on the safe side, book a coworking space on ShareYourSpace that has been awarded the label "staysafe monitored by TÜV SÜD". The label distinguishes the spaces in which a corresponding hygiene concept is implemented and the health of the visitors is given special attention.

Ready? Go!

So, don't be afraid of coworking. With these few rules in mind, nothing stands in the way of your good coworking experience. What are you waiting for ? Book your coworking space here: ShareYourSpace