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Rent office space in StuttgartFind your flexible office in Stuttgart
Rent office space in Stuttgart
Innovative industrial location and the highest income city in Germany: Stuttgart is regarded as one of the most important centers for German family businesses with more than 1,500 companies based on the market. Among them are many suppliers to the automotive and mechanical engineering industry, but also global players such as Siemens, Kodak, Lenovo, Bosch, Daimler and Porsche are at home in Stuttgart. The capital of Baden-Württemberg offers visitors and locals a diverse panorama characterized by hills, valleys and vineyards – and thanks to office sharing also enough free office space. ShareYourSpace makes unoccupied offices, desks, and conference rooms in Stuttgart accessible for short-term subletting. Mostly much cheaper than traditional long-term leases.

Your office in Stuttgart - suitable for your appointments

Whether an individual founder, medium-sized companies or large companies, whether particularly affordable, particularly flexible or particularly representative: here you will find a perfect office in Stuttgart.

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Professional coworking, the hip office around the corner or very special rooms – discover our flexible office solutions in Stuttgart.

Your future office in Stuttgart

What does your dream office look like? There are different possibilities on ShareYourSpace in Stuttgart: Full service offices for your teams or work rooms for you and your employees. Desk seats or a booking for collaborative workshops, as well as meeting and conference rooms.


There is a variety of offers: from sublet office space in companies, design agencies, to professional coworking spaces, desks in open-plan offices to spaces with a special flai

How much does it cost to rent an office in Stuttgart?

As a location, Stuttgart is attractive for companies from many industries and is not overpriced like other major cities in Germany. This is why office sharing is of growing interest as a solution in the new world of work. On average, the square meter of office space for rent in Stuttgart costs 14,00 €. In the city center, the maximum price is up to 23.00 €. Shared office space is often much cheaper.

Working in Stuttgart

The region and the city of Stuttgart are popular locations for qualified workers. The factors that contribute to this are the renowned companies such as Porsche, Daimler, Bosch and Wüstenrot. Inventions that simplify our daily life in the office, such as the Leitz folder and the transparent foil, come from Baden-Württemberg.


Startups, research, incubators and the technically oriented university are supported by a close link with companies that show higher R&D investments than anywhere else in Germany. A large number of financial service providers and high-tech companies are increasing business dynamics in the city and bring sought-after jobs to the market

Living in Stuttgart

Vineyards grow down to the city, castles, modern art, festivals and cultural diversity are all on offer in this lively city. Stuttgart is located in the middle of one of the largest wine-growing regions and attracts culture enthusiasts for the famous Stuttgart Ballet, the Opera House, the Theatre and the Philharmonic, while car and technology fans will not miss out in museums. The cultural lifestyle in Stuttgart offers the almost 615,000 inhabitants a high standard of living. In addition there are 13 recognized spa healing springs, which with 44 million liters of mineral water every day are unique in Germany.


As the metropolitan center of the region, Stuttgart is heavily burdened by traffic, with a high proportion (60% before the pandemic) of commuters. As an alternative to the corporate headquarters, ShareYourSpace has offices nearby to easily shorten the daily commute. For everyone, long journeys to the office are a waste of time and additionally burdensome for the environment. For business travelers from the region, there are flexible meeting rooms throughout Germany, which are easily accessible from Stuttgart thanks to the networked infrastructure by train and, of course, the airport