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Rent office space in CologneFind your flexible office in Cologne
Rent office space in Cologne
Finding an office in Cologne is no easy task. The openness of the people of Cologne, the joy for life and tolerance draw many to the fourth largest city in Germany. This pushes up rental prices every year. Cologne Cathedral is not only the geographical center of the city, but also a landmark and cultural center. The cathedral city is located on Germany's longest river and used to be a major trading city. Today, it is not only trendy neighborhoods such as the Belgian Quarter that attract creative minds and creators to the city. There is also a wide range of business centers and incubators in the Cologne area. Young companies in particular benefit from this infrastructure. But established companies from the automotive and media industries are also represented in the city and shape it as a lucrative business location.

Office solutions in Cologne - flexible in time and space

Whether meeting room or a flexibly bookable desk, whether an hour or several months – all in one click. Workspaces for startups, agencies, self-employed and corporates in Cologne.

Our recommendations from the cathedral city of Cologne

The best offices in Cologne are not difficult to find with us. Sustainability and diversity are in the foreground here: Book a space and experience real sharing!

Which offices can I rent in Cologne?

From classic office space to individual desks, you will find all kinds of rental offices in Cologne. The city offers a wide range of desks, offices and meeting rooms, just as diverse as the people of Cologne themselves. Whether a single desk space in a company's open-plan office or a desk seat in the trendy marketing agency in the city's trendy district. Often the representative location and good connections to local transport are the main criteria for the office search.

The eastern side of the Rhine with the popular old town and the districts of Ehrenfeld, Nippes, Sülz and Lindenthal was certainly considered an ideal office location in the past. However, Kalk, Deutz and Mülheim are also considered to be up-and-coming neighbourhoods on the right-Rhine side and are increasingly in demand.

How much does it cost to rent an office in Cologne?

The average rental price per square meter of commercial property in Cologne is 15.20 € – a trend that is rising. In the previous year, the price was still 13.80 €. In the top segment, the increase was even more noticeable. With an increase of 11%, the price rose to 25.50 € per square metre. The reason for this is the increasing shortage of space.


There is an area of 7.9 million square meters in the cathedral city, which is eligible for subletting due to increasing vacancy, part-time work or home office. Alternatives such as ShareYourSpace make these spaces accessible for subletting. As a result, they are often cheaper than regular office solutions.


The office for a temporary period is usually not only cheaper but also good value: 200 to 285 € per month costs a workplace on the platform. At the same time, however, the price does not only include the office space per se but also offers the client a fully-equipped place to work with additional services, such as cleaning and 24h access solutions.

Working in Cologne

Cologne, as a former trading metropolis, has become a veritable media location. More than a third of German television productions are produced in Cologne and, in addition to many media companies such as RTL and Brainpool, some IT companies have also sought an office in the cathedral city. Examples include Microsoft, HRS, EA (Electronic Arts) as the world's leading companies in their field with offices in the city on the Rhine. The combination of media and IT companies creates interesting jobs that are characterized by creativity and flexibility. Perfect prerequisite for the concept of office sharing, which enables flexibility in the world of work. Freelancers from the media industry who need a desk to focus on their work are in the right place.


Another business magnet is the Cologne Trade Fair. It counts as the third largest exhibition centre in Germany and attracts many to the city for professional purposes. In addition, the car industry is still very present in the city. The German headquarters of Toyota, Volvo, Citroen and Ford have gained a foothold here and provide jobs for several thousand employees.

Living in Cologne

Additionally, Cologne also has a lot to offer away from the office. The Cathedral is a city symbol and an important tourist attraction. The tops of the cathedral can often be seen above the roofs of the city and can even be seen from one or the other office window.


It is not uncommon for Cologne residents to complain about the KVB (Cologne transport companies), nevertheless, the wide network of lines and the transport association of the Cologne/Bonn region allows a uniform fare in the whole area, which benefits commuters. To shorten the commute, you can also search for an office in the area. Our office sharing platform ShareYourSpace enables the creation and search for neighbourhood offices.


Even after work hours life in Cologne is unique. If you meet for ONE beer in other cities, it's usually ELF servings in Cologne. Cologne beer, Kölsch, is traditionally served in 0.2 l glasses on a wreath with 11 glasses and extinguishes the thirst from a busy day in the office with colleagues.


For many a love-hate relationship but an integral part of Cologne: the carnival. November 11 will usher in the "fifth season," which will culminate in February. It can be more colourful and fun in the office. After Shrove Tuesday, everything is usually over again and normality returns to the office.