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Meeting rooms in MunichFind flexible meeting rooms or the right event location in Munich.
Meeting rooms in Munich
Munich is home to companies such as BMW, Siemens and Allianz. With around 1.5 million employees, the region around Munich is one of the most important business locations in Germany. Within most companies, it has not been a secret for years: the scarcest resource is meeting rooms. Usually they are constantly occupied by recurring appointments and if you walk past them, no one occupies them. We at ShareYourSpace solve your problem! Here you will find a unique selection of our meeting rooms in Munich. If there is not the right meeting room for your event, your project team or your training, please contact our Spaceguides. We have many more meeting rooms in our portfolio and will help you to find the perfect meeting room for your project!

Meeting rooms, your own office or a desk in coworking

At ShareYourSpace you will always find the space that suits you and your business.

The most beautiful meeting rooms in Munich

A selection of our most beautiful meeting rooms in Munich. Book a free place directly or arrange a viewing appointment.

Meeting rooms in Munich's most popular districts

We have meeting rooms, why should I book an external meeting room?

Most companies have their own meeting rooms. However, choosing an external meeting room has some advantages. For a 1-2 hour meeting, the time-consuming change of location is usually not worthwhile. However, if it is a longer, possibly even multi-day meeting, it is recommended to let it take place outside the familiar environment. By changing the working environment, there is a clear separation in the mind between daily work and the meeting, training, coaching. If your own workplace is only a few doors away, you use the break to check mails or to work on a few tasks. As an organizer, however, I want people to focus on the topics of my meeting. The conversations during the breaks are also immensely important for the processing content and ideas. An external meeting room can also contribute to a better group dynamic. Everyone is in an offsite environment, creating a stronger team feeling.

What types of meeting rooms in Munich can I find on ShareYourSpace?

On our platform we have all different types: from meeting rooms to large event spaces. You can book a small room for a business meeting in the Munich city center. We also help you find the right location for the next company party or company meeting. Especially smaller companies or freelancers use our services to find the right space for their project. Because with the right location, the success of your coaching, training or business meeting stands or falls. To help you find exactly the right room, consider the following checklist.

What criteria does my meeting room have to meet?

At ShareYourSpace you will find a large selection of meeting rooms in Munich directly on the platform. It is even easier to ask our space guides to find the perfect meeting room. Our space guides are familiar with Munich and know the local conditions of the spaces. With the following checklist, our space guides can find exactly the right meeting room for your project:

  • How big should the meeting room be?
  • How many chairs do you need?
  • How many tables do you need?
  • How many flipcharts, whiteboards or boards do you need?
  • Is a projector needed?
  • Do you need an internet connection? WLAN or LAN?
  • Do you need HDM cables, specific adapters or other hardware?
  • Is a sound system with microphone required?
  • Do you have requirements for on-site lighting?
  • How actively do you want to work with the group and how flexible does the space have to be redesigned?
  • How long does the event last? Do you need a kitchen, terrace or other ways to stretch your legs?
  • What atmosphere do you want to create?
  • Do you need on-site catering?

What should the location of my meeting room be?

Depending on the type of event, the location should also be selected. You should consciously decide whether you need an event location in the surrounding area of Munich for a celebration or a multi-day training. Do you need a good connection to the A8 or A9 and sufficient parking spaces or should it be as easy as possible to reach from Munich Central Station?