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Meeting rooms in BerlinFind flexible meeting rooms or the right event location in Berlin.
Meeting rooms in Berlin
Berlin is growing, and becoming more open and diverse. More opportunities are created and provided, and equality has been delivered to more people in the multicultural society. However, the economic situation of Berlin is below average compared with other states in Germany. To support the city to grow sustainably, the city of Berlin has developed the Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030. The development of Berlin will be enhanced through investments in business and industrial sectors, public services, as well as tourism. With the goal of “shaping the future together”, the city of Berlin has come up with seven strategies: “Strengthening the economy with smart knowledge”, “Unleashing strengths through creativity”, “Safeguarding employment through education and skills”, “Reinforcing neighborhood diversity”, “City and green growing together”, “Laying the groundwork for a climate-friendly metropolis”, “Improving accessibility and city-friendly mobility”.

Meeting rooms, your own office or a desk in coworking

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The most beautiful meeting rooms in Berlin

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Meeting rooms in Berlin's most popular districts

Why choose Meetingrooms in Berlin?

Berlin has established itself as a metropolis for start-ups. Because of this, creative talents from all over the world have been attracted here. Nowadays more than 800,000 expats are working and living in this appealing city. At the same time, a large number of international corporations choose Berlin to establish their headquarters. Everything together has made it a better choice for freelancers, small and large companies to rent meetingrooms in Berlin.

Communication is especially crucial for large companies. That is why their employees from different branches all over Germany and even all over the world need to visit the headquarters in Berlin frequently. The constant business trips create spaces for shared meetingrooms. Not every company has enough space for its employees who are spread all over the world. It is also not economical to rent spaces for the long term only to occupy for several days per year.

Many meetingrooms on ShareYourSpace are located in the ideal places in Berlin, and they offer quite flexible options. You even don’t need any membership or deposit to rent most of our meetrooms. ShareYourSpace aims to provide you and your colleagues with the convenience of Plug and Work. It is possible if you book our meetingroom on the same day that your team event takes place.

Districts good to live and work in Berlin

Best Districts for Expats to live in Berlin

For a long time, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf has been the ideal home for expats, especially many English-speaking foreigners in Berlin. Different from other central districts in Berlin, living in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf will grant you a harmonious but convenient surroundings. In this district, you will find restaurants that serve appetizing cruises from many corners all over the world. The popular restaurants are: Cancún Kaiserdamm, Restaurant Scheune, Pizzeria Tutti Gusti, Restaurant Rasas, and Trattoria Splendido.

If you think Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is a bit too quiet, Kreuzberg will be a livelier choice. It is a district that is never short of nightlife and street art. Expats could gain a unique lifestyle while hanging out with their new foreign friends. You could chat in the Barcelona Tapas Bar Restaurant. It is a really popular Spanish bar which is always filled with people, remember to book a seat!

Best Areas for Freelancers to live in Berlin

Berlin is one of the world’s best and most friendly cities for freelancers, developers, and young professionals who start their businesses. With lots of shared workspaces and low living costs, people like freelancers could absolutely enjoy the balanced work and life environment provided by the Berlin city.

Berlin Mitte is a fantastic place to live. It is in the center of Berlin. Here you will find the best Cafés, like Father Carpenter, Oslo Kaffebar, and The Barn Café. Green is the common color you can always find on the street, there are many great parks in the Mitte, such as Goethepark, Großer Tiergarten, and Humboldthain.

It is also smart to live in the district of Schöneberg. It is in the southwest of Berlin, where many highly recommended restaurants are located. For example, Schüsseldienst, Mana Restaurant, Chicken Club Restaurant, and Varaderoberlin. There are also many cozy Cafés in this district, such as Café BilderBuch, Billy's Greek Cafe Bar, and DoubleEye.