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Number of the day: 8

Each inhabitant of Germany produces an average of 8 tons of CO2 per year.

The leader is Qatar with over 30 tons per inhabitant. In order to counter global warming and the climate crisis, these numbers must be lowered. Worldwide. By a lot. What is ShareYourSpace doing for this? We have translated the sharing principle into the office world and committed ourselves to the mission "Boosting Flexibility + SUSTAINABILITY In The Office World". It is about nothing less than moving the largest sustainability lever in the real estate and construction industry, which accounts for about 40% of the global CO2 footprint. Better utilisation of existing space is the key to changing this: new construction and surface sealing are reduced, work-related traffic is reduced.

The more people participate, the greater the reduction effect. So: Be a sustainability hero and be part of it! You have temporarily unused space, desks, meeting rooms? Then rent them out on our platform. You need a workspace without a long lease? You can find it on www.shareyourspace.com.

Be smart. Be sustainable. ShareYourSpace!