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Number of the day: 57

In 2021, the Climate Change Performance Index compared 57 countries and the EU in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energies, energy consumption and climate policy.

The index provides an overview of the countries' efforts and progress towards achieving the global goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. This year Sweden performed best and was rated "good" in the categories of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energies and climate policy. However, no country could receive a "very good" rating. Germany moved up to the 19th place this year, an improvement compared to 2020 (23rd place). Although the index was only able to determine a small increase in global emissions and emissions have even decreased in 32 countries, this is by no means a reason to sit back and relax. Everyone can contribute to climate protection and so does ShareYourSpace. With the sharing principle in the office world, ShareYourSpace reduces unnecessary surface sealing and also helps to relieve traffic. Whether individual desks, offices or conference rooms, whether short or long-term, with us you will find the right workspace and contribute to climate protection.

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