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Berlin is in first place in the list of German cities with the largest office stock. The statistics for Berlin include around 21 million square meters of office space.

Numerous new construction projects are driving this number upwards. What are the consequences? Sealing of land, traffic, deterioration of the CO2 footprint. Why? Even more steel, cement, asphalt, traffic jams ...

Unavoidable? No. In fact, the office stock - the aforementioned 21 million square meters - is usually not occupied 24/7, but on average up to 70% of the time. Why? Simply because nobody needs a desk around the clock. Incidentally, e.g. due to vacancies, part-time work, out-of-office days, too much space. This space is ready for plug & work. Where can you find or market it? On ShareYourSpace, the digital marketplace for everyone who wants to offer or book these temporarily free workspaces. Whether only for 1 hour or a whole year. Whether coworking or for sole use.

The most sustainable building is one that doesn't even have to be built. Sustainability at its best! Join in and let's move the greatest sustainability lever together in the less sustainable office world. Be sustainable. Be smart. ShareYourSpace