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Tobias Wagner on the Leaders, Punks & Legends Podcast

Podcast listeners take note! Tobias Wagner, our CEO at ShareYourSpace, in the Leaders, Punks & Legends podcast. 🎙️
In the latest episode of the WHU Real Estate Club e.V. podcast series, Tobias Wagner provides exciting insights into the real estate industry and its hot topics. He also explains the difference between coworking operator models and space sharing, points out gaps and mistakes in the industry and talks about the responsibility of project developers.  
You do not want to miss that! So be sure to listen to episode #21 ShareYourSpace vs. WeWork!


Link to the episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4nEX1j0TtGefzrsDY05QQt?si=B2CtbMKhR1m5WCbb0QAlZg


About ShareYourSpace
ShareYourSpace operates www.shareyourspace.com, the digital marketplace for flexible renting and leasing of all types of workspaces. The service is aimed at anyone who wants to better utilise space - owners, tenants, subtenants, start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, the public sector, asset managers, coworking operators and the hospitality industry - as well as anyone who needs workspaces, whether for sole use or for coworking and new work. Together with our customers, we also move the biggest sustainability lever in the construction, property and working world in order to reduce the carbon footprint, relieve traffic, avoid land sealing and conserve resources - in an industry that accounts for 40% of the global carbon footprint.


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