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ShareYourSpace powered by ImmoScout24

ShareYourSpace powered by ImmoScout24

ImmoScout24 and PropTech ShareYourSpace seal strategic partnership 


  • Digital marketplace for flex offices, coworking and workspace sharing  
  • Service for space providers and seeker 
  • Mission boosting flexibility + sustainability in the office world  



Immobilien Scout 24 GmbH, the company behind the leading online portal for property services, and Munich-based PropTech ShareYourSpace GmbH have entered into a strategic partnership to serve the flex office, coworking and workspace sharing market.  



Companies, organisations, teams and projects are dynamic and need flexible office solutions without rigid, long-term minimum lease terms. What is needed is a wide range of different, cost-efficient workspaces that are flexible in terms of time and space - office as a service, anywhere and at any time. Demand is growing rapidly. Traditional office offerings do not reflect these requirements. The key is coworking, shorter rental periods and sharing within the portfolio.  



ShareYourSpace and its digital marketplace of the same name, www.shareyourspace.com, offer flexible rental and leasing of desks, conference and meeting rooms as well as offices. The service is aimed at all existing spaces and all types of use, including interim use and coworking.  



Providers benefit in several ways, e.g. from process support and less effort in flexible renting as well as additional income in the portfolio through better utilisation. Seekers can find the perfect workspace in terms of price, equipment, size and host - where it is needed and for the exact time that the space is needed. For employers, the availability of office solutions close to employees is also a trump card in the war for talent and for strengthening employee loyalty.    


About ShareYourSpace  

ShareYourSpace operates www.shareyourspace.com, the digital marketplace for flexible renting and leasing of all types of workspaces. The service is aimed at anyone who wants to better utilise space - owners, tenants, subtenants, start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, the public sector, asset managers, coworking operators and the hospitality industry - as well as anyone who needs workspaces, whether for sole use or for coworking and new work. Together with our customers, we also move the biggest sustainability lever in the construction, property and working world in order to reduce the carbon footprint, relieve traffic, avoid land sealing and conserve resources - in an industry that accounts for 40% of the global carbon footprint.  


Be smart. Be sustainable. ShareYourSpace!