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Smooth workspace bookings through Instant Pay

InstantPay is a new booking method that you can now activate in your ShareYourSpace account.  


What can InstantPay do? 

Often providers can't confirm short-term booking requests because they are busy, don't look at their cell phone or overlook the notification. 

As a result, they miss out on valuable bookings and guest satisfaction drops.



Through InstantPay, both sides benefit.  

The guest receives a booking confirmation with one click and can immediately use the workspace flexibly.  

The provider gets the booking amount automatically credited within a few seconds without having to worry about it.

Save time and the frustration of missed booking requests  

A café, a workspace with a reception desk or a key box are ideal for this purpose, as they give guests unrestricted access and allow them to check into the workspace within the given time frame. 


How can I activate InstantPay?  

To enable InstantPay, you need to activate PayPal as a payment method

Log in to your user account and go to 'Payouts'. Now you can set for which workspaces you want to enable PayPal or InstantPay.   

Login -> User account -> Payouts -> Activate 'Payouts via PayPal' -> Activate 'InstantPay' for Workspace(s) 


Are you thinking about offering your free office space on ShareYourSpace? Or are you already a provider and want to know what possibilities our platform offers and how you can best present your offer?  

 We answer frequently asked questions for workspace providers and help you create your listing!