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German Office Markets face new Challenges

At a time when companies are downsizing their office space by an average of 12% due to the trend towards working from home, according to a forecast by the Ifo Institute and estate agents Colliers, the property markets are facing new challenges. For the seven most important German office markets from Hamburg to Stuttgart and Berlin to Munich, this means a potential shortfall in demand of around 11.5 million square metres of office space if the number of office employees neither falls nor rises. 


These figures illustrate the changing requirements for office space and the need for innovative solutions. This is precisely where ShareYourSpace comes in: We see ourselves not just as a provider of office space and workspaces, but as a pioneer of a movement that redefines workspaces and promotes innovation.


By transforming office spaces into vibrant centres of creativity, we offer companies the opportunity to respond flexibly to the changing world of work. Our vision is to create working environments that are not only functional, but also inspiring and forward-thinking.


About ShareYourSpace
ShareYourSpace operates www.shareyourspace.com, the digital marketplace for flexible renting and leasing of all types of workspaces. The service is aimed at anyone who wants to better utilise space - owners, tenants, subtenants, start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, the public sector, asset managers, coworking operators and the hospitality industry - as well as anyone who needs workspaces, whether for sole use or for coworking and new work. Together with our customers, we also move the biggest sustainability lever in the construction, property and working world in order to reduce the carbon footprint, relieve traffic, avoid land sealing and conserve resources - in an industry that accounts for 40% of the global carbon footprint.


Be smart. Be sustainable. ShareYourSpace!