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Boom in Coworking Spaces in Germany

A recent survey by the Bundesverband Coworking Spaces Deutschland e. V. reveals a significant increase in coworking spaces in Germany from 2020 to 2023. The statistics show that the number of these flexible workspaces increased by a remarkable 41.5% during this period. This survey, which was conducted between August 2023 and October 2023, takes into account all coworking spaces and hybrid workspaces with coworking areas, without differentiating according to specific criteria such as size or capacity.  


North Rhine-Westphalia tops the list of federal states with the most coworking spaces, with an impressive 354 spaces, followed by Bavaria with 302 and Baden-Württemberg with 234. In contrast, Saarland has the lowest number with just 11 spaces. A further look at the data reveals interesting information about the distribution of coworking spaces in relation to population density. Berlin has the highest number of coworking spaces per capita with 16,992 inhabitants per space, followed by Hamburg (18,734) and Hesse (38,972). Saarland, on the other hand, is at the lower end of the scale with 90,242 inhabitants per space. 


Another notable aspect is the expansion of the coworking culture to various cities in Germany. Since the last count in 2020, the number of cities with coworking spaces has increased by an impressive 52.6%, from 334 to 572 cities.  


As a digital marketplace for flexible workspace solutions, the ShareYourSpace platform is making an important contribution to this development. Among other things, numerous coworking operators post their offers here, which users can easily book, contributing to the further spread and accessibility of coworking spaces in Germany. 


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