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The new world of work

At the Ghezzo Real Estate Day, digital experts and real estate professionals discussed the world of work and what the current changes in the world of work mean for office buildings. How do companies succeed in getting employees back into the office? Which new room concepts will win? Among other items, there is agreement on the following points: The type and atmosphere of workspaces are more important than ever - the buzzwords: modernity, flexibility, experience, coolness factor. Working from home is and will remain popular with employees. Many would like to work from home 2 to 3 days a week. Hybrid models are in demand and are already being implemented in companies. Workplaces that are no longer required due to employees working from home free up space, and more meeting and discussion areas are required. Personal interaction, exchange and networking are the key in the office.

You can watch the complete panel discussion here:

Workspaces that are temporarily or permanently unoccupied can be flexibly rented to other companies, startups and self-employed people on the digital marketplace ShareYourSpace.com. Office sharing generates additional income or reduces square meter costs and enables collaboration, coworking, diversity and interaction. In addition, sharing adds to environmental and climate protection - it ultimately saves resources through better utilization of existing space, avoids new construction and thus prevents further surface sealing. Last but not least, Office as a Service reduces commuting and the resulting lower emissions is of benefit to all citizens.