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Number of the day: 72

The deficits when working from home include, for example, insufficient IT equipment (such as a screen that is too small) as well as a lack of bandwidth and thus slow or unstable internet. Above all, however, IT security is a major concern for companies. The connection between home office and company must be secured. But usually it is not. Small companies in particular are affected by a lack of security when working from home. Cybercrime increased by 25% in 2020. Working from home is a great gateway for criminals. One more reason to rely on a professional work environment and office infrastructure: the Third Workspace - the better alternative to working from home. What is needed for this? Office as a service everywhere + anytime.

A multitude of technically well-equipped workplaces - whether desk workstations for sole use or for coworking, whether office rooms, whether meeting rooms - you will find at ShareYourSpace, the digital marketplace for time and space flexible bookings of workspaces. Not infrequently right around the corner near you. Say goodbye to technical difficulties! Incidentally, every time you book a workspace via ShareYourSpace, you are automatically protected free of charge with property and liability insurance.

So, leave the old world of work behind you and off to New Work! Are you looking for a perfect job without a long-term lease? Then book your suitable workspace on ShareYourSpace now

ShareYourSpace: Boosting Flexibility + Sustainability In The Office World.