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A unicorn is a startup valued at at least $ 1 billion. Do we want to leave the whole cake to Silicon Valley and the Americans? Nope. So, join in, use ShareYourSpace and save the world at the same time. How exactly? Very easily. Are you an office tenant or owner and don't need every square meter around the clock every day? Then put your unused workspaces - desk space, meeting room or office space - on ShareYourSpace for rent, whether only by the hour or for a longer period. Or are you looking for a workspace and want flexibility in terms of space and time? Then book your perfect space at www.shareyourspace.com, whether for sole use or for coworking. The great thing: You are all automatically insured, the payment transactions are also processed and - you even do something ecologically and economically sensible. Why? Because the better utilization of the existing office space contributes to the reduction of new buildings, surface sealing and work-related commuting. A contribution to climate protection and that is our heart's concern! Let's go, join in. Be smart. Be sustainable. ShareYourSpace.