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Provider Hero: SleevesUp!


Who are you and what is your mission? 

We at SleevesUp! create flexible and professional offices for doers. We support our customers every day through smooth office management - so the annoying topic of office management is a thing of the past. We bring our spaces wherever there are doers - not just in metropolitan areas. We at SleevesUp! operate spaces as a network extending into the region. Because commute time is wasted lifetime. Customers can focus on what is important. We stand for focus and a doer mentality and create space for big tasks. We manage to balance professionalism and affordability particularly well and thus align ourselves clearly to the needs of doers. We are an owner-managed family company with an entrepreneurial community of values.

What distinguishes your workspaces? 

Working from anywhere: Our workspaces are characterized by a clear focus on the essentials. In order to work productive and flexible, you need the right environment. That is why our workspaces in the coworking and office areas are equipped with high-speed internet, high-quality ergonomic furniture, bright desk lamps, trolleys and partition walls for privacy. At all of our locations, customers can find exactly the work areas they need. Whether short-term availability, variable expansion or a flexible rental period is required - our modern New Work concept can be easily adapted to individual requirements.

What binds you together as a team?

Our team is particularly united by the doer spirit that is inherent in each of us. In addition, our whole team consists of real dog lovers - and what binds us together better than fluffy four-legged friends. Due to Corona, our weekly after-work meetups unfortunately only took place online. Hopefully that will change soon!

What do you like about ShareYourSpace? 

The great team! A contact person is available at any time for all questions. We especially like the simple and fast networking on the platform for tenants and landlords. That makes a lot of things easier. The sustainability aspect for more space efficiency is also very similar to our mission. ShareYourSpace is the only provider that deliberately covers areas away from the city centers and offers employees a workplace in the immediate vicinity. That is exactly what defines the new world of work.

Who would you recommend ShareYourSpace to?

The best: All office seekers will find what they are looking for at ShareYourSpace. Especially decentralized project teams or smaller companies with relatively little time to look for an office will find suitable workplaces or offices here. ShareYourSpace offers everyone the flexibility and sustainability that are essential in the new world of work.


Do you also have temporarily unused space, desks or meeting rooms? Then join our community and rent them out on shareyourspace.com