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Coworking in StuttgartFind your flexible coworking space in Stuttgart
Coworking in Stuttgart
As the sixth largest city, Stuttgart is one of the economically strongest cities in Germany. The Stuttgart region is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Germany with around 2.8 million inhabitants and is an attractive location for hundreds of companies from various sectors and sizes such as the global company Bosch, mid-sized companies to young start-ups in the healthcare sector. The first motorcycle, the first train through Baden‐Württemberg, the world's first television tower – Stuttgart has always been characterized by an inventive spirit. Particularly well-known in the automotive industry, companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche shape the international image of Stuttgart. This city offers a top location, a broad cultural life and a good transportation infrastructure. The Stuttgart Trade Fair is a central hub for ideas and contacts in Baden‐Württemberg. In addition, the city offers numerous shopping opportunities in the pedestrian zone and a variety of universities. However, the high quality of life between vineyards and the city center also leads to rising rental prices, which are a hurdle for many people . This is an additional reason why coworking spaces are becoming much more popular in Stuttgart.

Whether coworking or real shared spaces - here you will find your new place of work

Find the right space for your business. Individual desks, a common project area or the office for personal use . Search directly for the right Office category for you.

Coworking Spaces in Stuttgart

A selection of our most beautiful coworking spaces in Stuttgart. Book a free place directly or arrange a viewing appointment.

Top Coworking Spaces in Stuttgarts beliebtesten Stadtteilen

Stuttgart in the Year 2030

Stuttgart has set itself the goal of becoming a city for the people, sustainable and global. In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the "2030 Agenda" for Sustainable Development. The goal: "The improvement towards a world in which everyone acts ecologically, socially just and economically effective. " The city of Stuttgart is also increasingly committed to this. In particular, topics such as population growth, air pollution, transport expansion and the sustainable, social aspects are elaborated and implemented. 

The city has established a framework for the implementation of objectives for the actors at different levels.

  • Development of a common strategic framework for action to strengthen the goals of the 2030 Agenda across sectors.
  • Partnerships with business, civil society and academia to mobilise citizens to implement the global development goals.
  • Cooperation at national and international level in order to learn from each other and to contribute the interests and experiences of the state capital to international strategies and organizations, such as the  city network EUROCITIES.

Global und nachhaltig | Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart 

Why choose a Coworking Space in Stuttgart ?

Coworking spaces offer you flexible and short-term leases, which is especially advantageous for many freelancers and startups with limited budgets. A strong network is also one of the advantages of a coworking space. Conversations and small talk can take place anywhere in the coworking building, in the shared kitchen, in the public lounge, or even between neighboring desks – from where networking can begin.
The number of spaces that ShareYourSpace offers in Stuttgart is a total of over 30, including desks, offices and meeting rooms, which you can choose throughout the city via our platform. They offer comfortable and cozy coworking spaces with different prices, technical equipment and services. We are sure that there is one that meets your wishes and offers you the ideal environment for efficient work.
Whether you are a freelancer, company owner, account manager looking for a third place to work, or a member of a Team, ShareYourSpace will help you find an office community in Stuttgart that offers all the features, design and convenience you need from renting a flexible desk, meeting room  or offices. You get high-speed internet, a fully equipped kitchen, a printing service and shared conference rooms - all at a much lower price than with a long-term rental. Find out on our platform how your wishes for coworking spaces in Stuttgart can be fulfilled.


An evening in Stuttgart after work

Once the days get longer, a 2-hour hike in the vineyards adjacent to the city is worthwhile. With or without wine tasting you can enjoy the break from the working world and the view over the city with evening sun.

The diverse stages with musicals and theatre performances, museums, art exhibitions and numerous restaurants offer something for every taste. 

If the times allow it, Stuttgart  will  celebrate again, with lavish parties and long party nights. The incomparable party mile Theodor-Heuss-Straße attracts visitors from all over Germany to numerous clubs, bars and lounges.