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Coworking in MunichFind your flexible Coworking Space in Munich
Coworking in Munich
For many self-employed and start-ups in Munich, coworking spaces are the first choice for the last years. The supply of affordable offices is manageable and the demand knows no bounds. Therefore, Munich coworking areas are enjoying increasing popularity. On ShareYourSpace you will find a wide selection of small, as well as large coworking providers. Enjoy maximum flexibility now and book your Flex Desk or Fixed Desk from just one hour or more.

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Coworking spaces in Munich

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What is coworking?

Coworking stands for the collaboration or side-by-side work in so-called coworking spaces of people with different expertise, who are self-employed or belong to different companies and do not work on the same project or product. The first coworking spaces in Germany were founded around 2009 in Berlin. Working in coworking spaces appeals above all to the self-employed, creatives and the startup scene. On the one hand, they are very open to new forms of work, on the other hand, working on coworking areas brings with it some advantages that these professional groups in particular like to use. In addition to large, well-known DAX companies, more and more people from these professional groups have settled in Munich in recent years, which is why Munich is one of the largest coworking locations in Germany.

Why coworking spaces in Munich are a real alternative to "normal" offices

The concept of coworking primarily appeals to people who can do their work regardless of location. As so-called early adapters, game and software developers, product and web designers but also the creative professions such as writers and illustrators are certainly to be mentioned. In Germany, there are now about 4.3 million self-employed people, who often lack colleagues in their everyday professional life to exchange ideas. Required expertise or the right cooperation partners have to be procured at a time-consuming basis. Nowhere is this exchange of knowledge and networking more promoted than in coworking spaces.

The coworking areas are specifically equipped in such a way that large open office spaces are combined with social areas such as kitchens, lounges, meeting rooms, football table, etc. This is intended to consciously promote the exchange between the coworkers.

Especially for the self-employed and young companies, coworking is also a consideration from a financial point of view. Instead of putting a lot of money into expensive workplace equipment and long-term leases, coworking providers often get a plug and play workplace and retain your flexibility. A desk in the coworking space can now be booked by the minute or by the hour.

Advantages of coworking

Bringing together different personalities and expertise distinguishes coworking in particular and brings many advantages. While a few years ago mainly self-employed and company founders work in coworking areas, nowadays you can meet more and more employees of large companies. The change to a different working environment and the exchange with people from outside the company and projects expand the personal horizon and can give new impulses for one's own work.

Coworking spaces are designed to encourage creativity and mutual learning. An inspiring environment is particularly popular with creative people.

The most evident advantage of coworking is maximum flexibility. Coworking spaces can be rented monthly, on a daily basis, sometimes even for a few hours. There are now even coworking concepts in which you are billed to the minute for the use of the space. Especially for the self-employed and young start-ups, this flexibility is extremely important, as it accommodates the project-based way of working and uncertain order situation of these professions.

This flexibility also brings financial benefits. Office rents in a central location in Munich can sometimes exceed € 35 per square meter. Long-term leases, expensive workplace equipment or a representative company headquarters or meeting room can be an insurmountable hurdle for the self-employed and start-ups. Coworking spaces solve all these problems. They are often located in central locations and relieve their tenants of expensive fixed costs for desks, Internet access, copiers or printers. Customer meetings can be held professionally in specially created meeting rooms.

Last but not least, the separation of work and living is an important advantage. Since then, 70% of coworkers say they have been able to relax better at home. This is also a strong argument for larger companies to offer their employees the possibility of coworking as an alternative to the home office.

Disadvantages of coworking

The most frequently mentioned disadvantage of coworking areas is the noise pollution in the open spaces. What on the one hand speaks for a lively exchange between the coworkers, can of course also lead to a higher noise level. Most coworking providers have responded with quiet retreats for concentrated work. However, it may of course be that these areas are already occupied.

The more flexibly you can book a coworking area, the higher the financial risk of the operators, which is also reflected in the prices. With a longer-term tenancy, you can get cheaper rates but often have to do without the top location or other amenities such as flexible meeting rooms.