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Coworking in FrankfurtFind your flexible Coworking Space in Frankfurt
Coworking in Frankfurt
In Frankfurt am Main, you will not only find an impressive skyline with countless skyscrapers, but also the headquarter of the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and various international trade fairs all year-round. This city is the ideal hub due to the International Airport as well as a location for freelancers and startups who are from all over Germany and the world. However, these advantages also result in rental prices which are difficult for most people to afford. Meanwhile, it is also why coworking spaces are getting more and more popular in Frankfurt.

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Coworking Spaces in Frankfurt

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Top Coworking Spaces in Frankfurt’s Popular Districts

Frankfurt in 2030

Frankfurt am Main continues to show dynamic growth. With an increasing number of employees and residents, the population is also becoming more diverse and connected. The Frankfurt city concept of 2030+, envisages a future with sustainable growth and expanding the urban quality of life in the next years. There are six development strategies and goals summarized in this integrated urban development plan:


Firstly, Frankfurt for everyone. In the year 2030, Frankfurt will become the city that provides living space for everyone. Thanks to a coherent housing policy, residents in Frankfurt can find the ideal apartments which fit their requirements all over the city.


Secondly, dynamic economic metropolis. As the core of the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main region, in 2030, Frankfurt am Main will be one of the leading innovative cities and the “digital hub” of the whole of Europe. It is also becoming an important city for “Industry 4.0” as well as a leading financial center.


Thirdly, a more urban Frankfurt. Development both in and outside of the city will complement each other. The city will be characterized by living districts, a higher density of buildings and residents, and a mix of usages. Regarding the higher urban quality of life, green and open spaces will be upgraded, expanded, better connected, and more evenly distributed.


Fourthly, environmentally, and climate-friendly Frankfurt. Its core component is the green belt. Agriculture has been fulfilling its important functions to produce regional food and maintain the countryside. With targeted investments in local public transport, the transportation system will keep pace with growth. The city of Frankfurt has been making efforts for climate protection and adaptation.


Fifth, the close relationship between Frankfurt and the entire region. Frankfurt has been making efforts for the long-term and sustainable strengthening of the entire region. It combines its own regional development responsibilities with regional authorities. Frankfurt believes that the regional planning and development in the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main area will be consistently strengthened in 2030.


Finally, urban development is a shared task. Frankfurt relies on the close cooperation of administration, business, science, politics, culture, and civil society in urban development. It approaches the development of the city holistically and consistently, in which all citizens are encouraged to participate.


Why choose Coworking Space in Frankfurt?

Coworking spaces will provide you with flexible rental contracts, which are especially beneficial for many startups that have limited budgets. A strong network is also considered as one of the benefits of renting a coworking space. Conversations and small talk might happen at any place in the coworking building, the shared kitchen, the public lounge, or even between neighboring desks - From here the networking can begin.


It is not surprising that Frankfurt is not only at the forefront when we talk about the number of startups in total, but also when it comes to the number of coworking spaces that ShareYourSpace provides in this city. There are more than 20 shared desks that you could choose from our platform all over Frankfurt. They provide convenient and cozy coworking spaces with a different range of prices, technical equipment, and services. We are confident that there must be one that can satisfy your wishes and provide you with the ideal environment to work with high efficiency.


No matter if you are a freelancer, an employee who works from home, or if you are a member of a business trip team, ShareYourSpace will help you to find a shared office community in Frankfurt with all the features you expect from renting a flexible desk or office. You will be given high-speed internet, a fully-equipped kitchen, printing services, shared conference rooms to use – at a much lower price than renting for the long term. Check out our platform to find how your wishes for coworking spaces in Frankfurt can be fulfilled.


One evening in Frankfurt after work


In the Altstadt...

In contrast to people’s common impression of the business and finance hub in Frankfurt, the heart of this city is more traditional, charming, and lively with street art, apple wine taverns, large parks, and boutiques.


In the romantic and historical Altstadt of Frankfurt, you can visit the Römerberg Square, which is the most beautiful and busiest marketplace in the city. You will get a glimpse of the medieval core of the city a few footsteps away from St. Paul’s Church. If you are lucky, you will still be able to participate in the trade shows which have been held here for centuries, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Built in the 13th century, the impressive Gothic-style cathedral Kaiserdom stood in the heart of the old city for almost 600 years, until it was destroyed in the 19th century and during World War II. It was rebuilt based on the remains and holds frequent religious events and festivals.


The Old Opera House is also worth seeing, no matter if you have a ticket or want to take pictures from outside. This Italian Renaissance-style Alte Oper is attractive for locals and visitors also because of more than 300 concerts and events every year. It was also destroyed during World War II and was rebuilt including the statues of Goethe and Mozart.


Along the Main River…


Even though Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany, you will find many more things to see besides the European Central Bank along the Main River.


Take a stroll on the Eiserner Steg after dinner. In the peaceful wind of the bridge, you can see thousands of padlocks left on the railings, and the views of the so-called “Mainhatten”. This is the downtown skyline of the Main River region, where the riverside museums line the Sachsenhausen bank.


Goethe House is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, you will feel that time has stood still in this 18th-century building in the district of Innenstadt. It is a memorable experience to check out the furniture and artworks in the house, while imagining how Goethe spent his evenings hundreds of years ago during his youth.


Even though the rest of Germany is hooked on beer, Frankfurt loves apple wine the most. When you roam near the cobbled Klappergasse lane while holding a bottle of sparkling apple wine after dinner, you will find a statue of Frau Rauscher in a corner. She is regarded as the first person who invented apple wine, although by coincidence.