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Coworking in DüsseldorfFind your flexible coworking space in Düsseldorf
Coworking in Düsseldorf
The city and region of Düsseldorf as a business location offers excellent infrastructure, an investment-friendly climate and highly qualified employees. Many companies from abroad, multinational corporations as well as founders and start-ups are located here. Top employers in Düsseldorf include Metro, Henkell, Adecco, Rhein Metall and Vodafone. With its central location in Europe and the international airport, Düsseldorf is a location for companies that wish to expand to the German and European market from here. After London and Paris, Düsseldorf is becoming the preferred FDI location in Europe. Visitors come for numerous trade fairs, luxury shopping and a variety of exhibitions. However, the high quality of life also leads to expensive rental prices, which are a hurdle for many. This is another reason why coworking spaces and flexible office solutions are becoming much more popular in Düsseldorf.

Whether coworking or real shared spaces - here you will find your new place of work

Find the right workspace for your business! Whether for a team or as an individual. Individual desks, a common project area or the lockable office. Search directly for the right office solution for you.

Coworking Spaces in Düsseldorf

A selection of our most beautiful coworking spaces in Düsseldorf. Not only for freelancers and startups. Book a free workplace directly or arrange an appointment for viewing.

Top coworking spaces in the most popular districts of Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf in 2025

Düsseldorf's Urban Development Concept 2025+ (STEK 2025+) "More Life. More city. For all." is the guideline for the coming years. The continuation of a city-wide, interdisciplinary and action-oriented strategy has priority.
According to the further development process, there is a realignment of the urban development concept, called Raumwerk D. The opportunities and challenges of the city of today and tomorrow are defined and realized. Key questions include: "How do you continue to build a compact mixed use city? How can smart urban development reduce traffic? Can the boom make the city of Düsseldorf greener?"  

Düsseldorf is a dynamic city with an expected population growth of 15%. In this way, the living and working worlds also become sustainable. Marketing as the state capital of NRW, the cultural focus and attractive lifestyle offer many opportunities.

Why choose Coworking Space in Düsseldorf?

Coworking spaces offer you flexible leases, which is especially advantageous for many founders with a limited budget. A strong network and community feeling is also one of the advantages of a coworking space. Idea sharing and small talk can take place anywhere in the coworking building, in the shared kitchen, in the public lounge, or even between neighboring desks – from where networking can begin.
The number of spaces offered by ShareYourSpace in Düsseldorf is 41 (May 2022), including desks, offices and meeting rooms that you can book throughout the city through our platform. They offer chic and cozy coworking alternatives in various price ranges, complete technical equipment and other services. We are sure that there is a workspace that meets your individual wishes and offers you the ideal environment for efficient and creative work.
Whether you're a freelancer, company owner, third-workspace employee, or member of a business travel team, ShareYourSpace helps you find an office community in Düsseldorf that offers all the services you expect from renting a flexible desk or office. You get high-speed internet, a fully equipped kitchen, a printing service and shared conference rooms - all at a much lower price than with a long-term rental. Inform yourself on our platform and we will fulfill your wishes for coworking spaces in Düsseldorf.

An evening in Düsseldorf after work

For culture fans...

The culture of Düsseldorf can be found everywhere in the city, whether in castles and churches, as open-air art or in the numerous galleries. Museum fans get a lot on offer throughout the year in art or history. After work, or on weekends, it is worth making a detour to the Tonhalle or the Opera House for Music. The Heinrich Heine Institute caters to audiences interested in literature. And let's not forget, the Schauspielhaus, based on Gustaf Gründgens, offers first-class theatrical performances.


Going out for dinner...

In Düsseldorf, values such as tolerance and cosmopolitanism are lived. In addition, the Rhinelanders are known for their hospitality. Trendy restaurants reflect the diversity of the world, e.B.  Opin Sushi, the Sansibar or the Ghorban Delicatessen Manufaktur