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Coworking in CologneFind your flexible coworking space in Cologne
Coworking in Cologne
Cologne is known as the Cathedral City and is a major German urban center with 17 million people in the wider region. The city celebrates 5 seasons, that is how important the Cologne Carnival beginning on 11. November every year has become. It is connected to the world with three airports, 10 highways, ports and a dense railway structure. The city offers one of the best IT- and communications infrastructure. It is a great location for industry disruptors, freelancers and companies who are linked to the Ruhr region, Germany and the Benelux countries. However, these advantages also result in corresponding rental prices that may be a hurdle to afford. That is why coworking spaces are getting more attractive in Cologne.

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Coworking Spaces in Cologne

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Cologne in 2030

Development on the once industrial side of the Rhine will continue to gain momentum in the coming years and bring with it changes that mean a huge boost for the entire city. Former factory sites will get a new facelift and new tenants. These future-oriented city quarters are emerging in central locations, some of them directly on the banks of the Rhine, interspersed with attractive green spaces. The south of Mülheim, around the port with industrial history, is being transformed into an urban quarter. To the south, Köln Messe will renew its site. On the right bank of the Rhine, Messe City is a modern office district, and a new musical stage is being built in the State House. The Deutzer Feld is establishing itself as a good address for large companies and important institutions. At the same time, the Cologne University of Applied Sciences will gradually completely restructure and expand its now isolated location and open to the neighboring district. Living is a future issue, also for the Deutz Hafen, which as an urban quarter can show the strengths of its location. The new Rhein boulevard begins in the south of Mülheim as a green border at the harbor. It ends in Deutz with a long flight of steps, which is opposite the old town like a spectator's stand and has already become a crowd favorite. The inner city will be given back to the citizens and visitors. New living spaces are being created while greenhouse gas emissions from transport are reduced to zero by 2030. The city of Cologne will be the first climate-neutral and completely regenerative city in Germany. It is part of the polycentric city network "Rheinisches Revier 2050" and lives up to its role as an actor and responsibility as the largest city in the region.

Why choose Coworking Space in Cologne?

Coworking spaces will provide you with flexible rental contracts, which are especially beneficial for many startups. There are already 550 Startups and a growing ecosystem with a strong community. Come and research and work together with other like-minded founders in high tech sectors such as IT, Biotech and Pharma. Large and small companies, traditional and new, all feel at home in Cologne. No matter if you are a freelancer, an employee who works from home, or if you are a member of a business trip team, ShareYourSpace will help you to find a shared office community in Cologne with all the features you expect from renting a flexible desk or office. You will be given high-speed internet, a fully-equipped kitchen, printing services, shared conference rooms to use – at a much lower price than renting for the long term. Check out our platform to find how your wishes for coworking spaces in Cologne can be fulfilled.

One evening in Cologne after work

In the Innenstadt..

Enjoy the art and culture as well as the many shops in the old town. With a diverse and multilingual population, you will find the Kölsche way of life is to be enjoyed. If you are looking to go out with colleagues after a long day at work check out the numerous bars and restaurants. You can choose from German, French, Italian or even Lebanese.


Am Rhein..

Walking along the river Rhine will recharge your batteries and give a needed break in green spaces with views to the old town.  Together with Cologne Cathedral, the Romanesque church Great St. Martin and the tower of the historic City Hall, it makes up the world-famous Rhine panorama. Feel the centuries of history and appreciate the modern gastronomy.