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Coworking in BerlinFind your flexible Coworking Space in Berlin
Coworking in Berlin
As the capital of Germany, Berlin has been famous as a city for its manufacturing, research, and tourism. Many international corporations choose Berlin to set up their headquarters. You will also easily find major companies that have more than 10,000 employees in this large city, such as Deutsche Bahn, Charité, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, and Siemens. In Berlin, there are not only large corporations from the industries of information and communication technologies, transportation, and life sciences. Countless studios, startups, and freelancers in Berlin have been busy contributing to the creative industries, like advertising, filming, music, media, and design. For those city explorers who visit Berlin during the business trip or simply to travel, they will find a paradise that can satisfy the different demands of foodies, history buffs, art lovers, and revelers. Brandenburg Gate reminds people of the beautiful history of Germany. East Side Gallery and Checkpoint Charlie show foreign tourists the bitter memory of German reunification. From the 203-meter high viewing gallery of Berliner Fernsehturm, a bird’s eye view of the whole city shows you the amazing Berlin with a bright future.

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Coworking spaces in Berlin

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Why choose Coworking Space in Berlin?

No matter if you are a freelancer, a solo developer, a startup founder, or an employee of a marge corporation, there are always reasons for you to try our coworking spaces in Berlin.



If you rent an office, there will be assorted extra costs hidden but you will need to deal with that anyway. In coworking spaces, you will just forget about them - Free but high-quality office desks, chairs, Macbook, and other office suppliers; free snacks, coffee, tea, milk, sometimes even alcohol; a cozy environment which is always clean; free but fully equipped kitchen, no mention electricity, and water. Our coworking spaces come equipped and all of these are covered at a monthly or even daily rate - As flexible as you want.

If you work in a restaurant or cafe instead, the atmosphere will be lively but it might also be kind of distractive. What's worse is that you might need to worry about ordering unnecessary drinks or food only to keep the seat - which is another distraction from producing quality work efficiently in a quiet space.

Many of our coworking spaces also provide built-in business services which can help to save your money for the long term. For example, business mail addresses, children-friendly, and pet-friendly spaces, and reception services. You need to consider your specific needs before choosing the right spaces. Cost-efficiency might be an important point for lots of freelancers and startups whose business has a smaller scale and has a weaker risk resistance capacity compared with large companies.


Boost in Creativity

By sitting by other individuals and working together, coworking spaces will provide you with the sparkles of ideas and bursts of creativity. The brand new surroundings and dedicated people around you will refresh your mind, as well as encourage you to concentrate and work harder. In comparison with the familiar office and home, this is a huge advantage of coworking space which cannot be easily ignored.


Increased Concentration

This is especially for freelancers and small business owners who work outside of the office or home office. When working from home, your concentration could be easily interrupted by something suddenly cropping up in your mind or in front of your face. Sometimes it’s the kid who needs food, bathroom, or just your attention. Sometimes your pet scratches on the door and tries to tell you it needs to go outdoors to play or pee.

By going to another space, you will be able to quickly switch into the focusing condition and instantly crease your concentration, so that more output will be produced. Most of the coworking spaces on ShareYourSpace in Berlin are open 24/7, they are bright, warm, with free drinks and kitchens. You can stay till whenever as long as your work is finished.

Half a day in Berlin after work

As a foodie…

You will find much distinctive but impressive food in Berlin. Many local cuisines contain Berliners’ love, which are sausages, potatoes, and meat. The most beloved German and Berliner dishes include Currywurst, Schnitzel, Königsberger Klopse, Spätzle, Bratwurst, Eisbein, and Döner Kebab.

After working in one of our coworking spaces you like, it will be nice to walk around in the district and try out some of the typical local food. In Restaurant Sphere you can have a well-made meal with high-quality ingredients while enjoying the Berlin city view from the top of the Berlin TV Tower. Hofbrau Wirtshaus is one of the most famous Bavarian restaurants in Berlin. Expats will taste the Saurbraten and beer from Munich, as well as Berlin local Pretzels. Mustafa's Gemuese Kebab is a well-known street food chain serving yummy and fresh vegetarian Kebab.


As a history buff or an art lover...

While walking on the street in Berlin, you might encounter at least one historical or art attraction every ten minutes. Berlin is a city covered by endless cultural and historical treasures: Brandenburg Gate, East Side Gallery, Berliner Dom, Museum Island, Memorial of the Berlin Wall, Pergamonmuseum, Friedrichstadt-Palast, Topography of Terror, Neues Museum, Charlottenburg Palace… It is a great idea to spend your free time after work on any of these amazing cultural heritages.

As a reveler...

In Berlin, you will easily find many impressive bars, such as Monkey Bar, The Castle Berlin Mitte, Booze Bar Berlin, Victoria Bar, and Tausend. In Berlin, beer gardens sometimes are also regarded by local people as bars and they are quite popular, a good example is Klunkerkranich.