Did you know that Darmstadt is the only city after which a chemical element is named? In fact, there is Darmstadtium, an artificially produced element with the atomic number 110 in the periodic table. In addition, the large city with just under 160,000 inhabitants in the south of Hesse has much more to offer. Since 1977, Darmstadt has been considered a 'City of Science' and impresses with 4 universities, over 50,000 students and many private research institutes and facilities. Darmstadt is part of the Rhine-Main region and was once the seat of the Landgrave. The origin of the name, which you may already have wondered about, is disputed. In the 11th century, the city bore the name 'Darmundestadt', which can be derived from 'darre' for gate or obstacle and 'mund' for protection, which means that Darmstadt may once have been considered a 'settlement at a fortified passageway'.

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A selection of offices in Darmstadt

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Why rent an office in Darmstadt?

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Leading industries in Darmstadt

Darmstadt is also economically at the forefront with leading technology industries. 
It is not without reason that Darmstadt has been awarded the title of 'feel-good place' by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and scored highly in the quality of living as well as working space. 
The largest industries include chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech, as well as hair cosmetics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and even space and satellite technology!
The city is also attractive as a retail location and Deutsche Telekom even has its second largest headquarters in Darmstadt.

What there is to discover in Darmstadt - sights and co.

Hessen's southern city has a lot to offer when it comes to leisure, culture and events. The city is surrounded by a belt of woodland, which the residents greatly appreciate. In addition, the streets are criss-crossed by many green spaces and parks, some of which are listed monuments. Darmstadt is the place to be for culture vultures. The artists' colony Mathildenhöhe offers its visitors several exhibition buildings, museums and a wedding tower. The Staatstheater Darmstadt is also well worth a visit.  

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